A month full of meetings for Novacart

In recent weeks, Novacart has participated in several meeting opportunities with partners from around the world. Some of the most significant events include BAPA Foodpro International, NACS Show, and Host.

The 2023 edition of BAPA Foodpro was an important gathering that brought together more than 200 companies, including suppliers, retailers, and wholesalers in the industry, from around the world, with an emphasis on South Asia. In Atlanta, the 30th NACS Show was held, the annual event sponsored by NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores), which represents more than 2,100 retail companies and more than 1,600 supplier companies. Finally, the 43rd edition of Host was held in Milan, the world-class event dedicated to the restaurant and hospitality industry that, every two years, offers a comprehensive overview of everything needed to successfully run a venue, with a focus on industry trends, technologies and innovations.

On these occasions, Novacart presented advanced technologies and innovative solutions, with a special focus on sustainability and reducing environmental impact in production processes. Novacart has always been committed to sustainability through the use of certified raw materials, investment in technologies with low environmental impact, research into environmentally friendly materials, obtaining environmental certifications and adhering to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Speaking of sustainability, at Host 2023, along with Novacart's booth was that of Biopap, the company specializing in creating biodegradable, compostable food containers suitable for recycling, which is part of the Novacart Group. Biopap, through its wide range of products and solutions for food delivery and takeout, is committed to promoting new sustainable and hygienic catering models.

On this occasion, Novacart also presented its new 100% compostable cooking form customization service. Through continuous research and innovation, Novacart has developed a technology that does not involve the use of ink, thus ensuring a product suitable for food contact and cooking.

These meetings in exhibition hubs around the world enable the cultivation of what is a fundamental element of the group's identity: an open eye to the future, to promote innovation in a sustainable way and to be in line with consumer trends and market dynamics.

In the coming weeks, Novacart will be exhibiting at IBA in Munich and Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai, still offering opportunities to share our expertise and innovations.

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