Baking molds, baking cups and display products to be customized with your own logo and style: our catalog offers a wide range of products for professionals of the food sector.

Baking Molds

Our baking molds are made of simple or corrugated microwave paper suitable for baking in the oven above 220°C and freezing up to -40°C. They are resistant to food fats and do not need to be buttered before use.

Available in various sizes, our cooking molds can be used to cook different types of dough for products such as panettone, cakes, focaccia and donuts. The refined and elegant design is studied to enhance your creations and is suitable for presentation, the inks used for decorations are suitable for food use, resist heat, alcohol and fats and do not migrate to the finished product.

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Single portion Baking Cups

Our Baking cups are made of paper resistant to high temperatures of ovens over 220°C, freezing up to -40°C and food fats. They must not be buttered before use and can be used alone or placed in cardboard or metal supports.

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Display items

Our Display Items are designed to enhance your creations. Doilies, trays, pastry cups and much more, all made of paper, cardboard and materials suitable for contact with food. All products dedicated to the presentation are resistant to food grease and have a refined and elegant design.

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Service Items

Our Service Items are designed to enhance different creations. Our extensive catalog includes napkins, sachets, price tags, embossed papers and many other indispensable products for pastry chefs and professionals. All items are produced with materials suitable for contact with food and on most of them it is possible to perform graphic customizations.

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